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Rothco Expandable Baton With Sheath 31 Inches
ROTHCO part 10131
Product ID 1321610131
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Rothco's Expandable Baton with Sheath is the epitome of compact, durable, and efficient tactical gear, meticulously crafted for law enforcement professionals. The strong steel shaft, equipped with a reliable friction lock system, guarantees a swift and powerful response in critical situations. Versatility is at the core of this design, with the expandable baton available in various lengths to suit the diverse needs of law enforcement personnel. The ergonomic comfort foam grip handle ensures extended comfort during prolonged use, promoting precise control and reducing fatigue. This comprehensive package includes a sturdy nylon sheath, allowing for secure carry and quick access to the expandable baton. Designed with duty in mind, it seamlessly fits with our Duty Belt, providing a convenient and secure solution for law enforcement officers. Compact, durable, and efficient, Rothco's Expandable Baton is a crucial tool for law enforcement and public safety personnel. Please note that this item is restricted for export and may have limitations in certain countries outside the U.S. For specific details, kindly reach out to Rothco. Trust in Rothco's commitment to quality and functionality for the ultimate tactical advantage in the field.