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Genuine Ka-Bar USMC Combo Edge Fighting Knife
ROTHCO part 3257
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The Genuine Ka-Bar USMC Combo Edge Fighting Knife is one of the finest U.S.M.C combat knives ever made. This marine Corp knife is modeled after the original USMC Fighting Knife, but features a combo edge, giving you the benefits of both plain and serrated edged knives. The USMC knife’s total length measures 12”, and the combat gear’s 7” blade is powder-coated, increasing durability and longevity. This fighting knife is also built with a serrated leather grip for maneuverability and control. Additionally, this genuine USMC knife includes a fine leather sheath, engraved with U.S.M.C. emblem and name to protect your tactical knife while not in use. This marine combat knife is proudly made in the United States.