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Rothco Inspection Ready Beret With USAF Flash - Midnight Navy Blue Midnight Navy
ROTHCO part 4898
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Made for the United States Air Force Security Forces, Rothco’s USAF Flash Beret is ready for inspection with a pre-shaven design to save time and hassle of shaving it yourself. Constructed with a lightweight blend of wool and nylon, the USAF beret is built for long-lasting comfort. The leather trim feature prevents the military hat from fraying, increasing your beret’s lifespan. Displayed on the top of the pre-shaved beret is a USAF flash with a white flacon and “Defensor Fortis” lettering at the bottom – meaning “Defenders of the Force”. The military berets are available in multiple sizes, including eighth sizes – 6 5/8, 6 7/8, 7 1/8, 7 3/8, and 7 5/8.