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Rothco Black Speedlace Jungle Boots - 9 Inch Black 3 Regular
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Rothco’s Black Speedlace Jungle Boots are the epitome of action footwear, engineered to conquer wet and humid jungle terrain. The advanced lacing system, featuring speed hooks and eyelets, ensures swift and easy tightening in the field. The vulcanized rubber Panama outsole delivers superior traction, preventing slips on challenging surfaces. With a removable cushion insole, steel shank, and leather midsole, these service jungle boots provide endurance during long hours in tough terrain. Crafted with a nylon/leather upper and action leather vamp, these 9-inch boots offer unparalleled support in hot and wet environments. Prepare for any mission with Rothco's jungle boots. Designed with precision and built to withstand the harshest conditions, Rothco's collection of footwear and accessories combines durability, functionality, and unparalleled performance. From our Forced Entry Series which features our speedlace and waterproof technologies, to our V-Max Collection designed with lightweight running shoe soles, our diverse range of footwear provides unmatched comfort and protection for everyone from active-duty personnel to outdoor enthusiasts. With a rich heritage spanning over 7 decades, Rothco is the go-to brand for all things that keep you standing on your feet.